Monday, June 24, 2013

Interlocking Bricks / Blocks

Interlocking bricks.
I have being working on a design that i hope will make my life blissfully easy. This will make building cheaper, easier and faster. I think 2 people can put up a whole 4/5 bedroom house in one day.
The blocks will be on sale at in a month or so. (July 2013)

So the point is. you dont have to a labour team to spend a month or so doing what you can do in a day.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

interlocking block/ bricks

Click on this link

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Following the follower

Apple dose Android

Apple dose Android

So the WWDC 2013 happend today. Guess what, there was not much innovation happening, again. Just one product that can be a leader asj ( after Steve jobs). That is the new redesign of the Mac tower. It is an impressive machine. It is more powerful and much smaller obviously it should be. This is what we have come to expect from Apple. Not what they have being giving us as of late. We expect them to lead the way into the future and not sheep or follow.

I mean for example, ios7. WTF man it's a slap on the face. I'm not sayin it looks bad at all. I'm saying I've being using it for a few years now, on Android. This is their first major "theme" update and what do I get? A slightly different android.

I used to be an Apple only guy. But I've being android for a while now. Android is more personal.

As a closeing point. I dnt think Apple is a bad product at all. But I bought Apple products for their forward thinking.