Monday, March 18, 2013


So I helped her finish the outfit. Now the accessorire to go with it. I also redid the front label of my bag. It looks good if I say so myself. It still looks hand made and not as if it came of some Chinese assembly line. I will hopefully get you pictures with a sunset backdrop before I lay my head.

Talent in Taste.

So my wife to be sent me a dress she made herself. Tumi is her name. She has an eye ffashion and style. The shoes that she choose are amazing. They even look good on her and I'm not just sayin this cos I'm whipped.
The top is also hers. I am thinking she should be the one to design for the ladies side or be a fashion consultant of some sort. I will make remember to send pics of the finished product. I will make sure the shot is ans close to professional as possible

Saturday, March 16, 2013


A bit be. hind with most of my projects. The is annoying me a bit. I need help and finance including publicity.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Parts needed

This is the part I need to complete my rang. Or its just a sample. Can't hav it that way since I have already purchased all the other parts to complete a range. Anyone with spare parte or. Free ;-)

Fur bag one.

This is how it began. Before. I ran out of those lovely buckles

Fur real.

My fur bags are not made from puppies. But it feels like walking around with a poodle.