Tuesday, January 22, 2013

E-bike kit


So I have chosen a e-bike kit to use. I have found a kit. It will cost me a bit. But that is cool with me. I will not use it the conventional way tough. I think I will have a sprocket put onto the wheel, this will pull on the back wheel. my pedal chain will lead to the wheel sprocketand so on and so on. Now that I have a size I can start welding the body. This is not going to be easy but I pray it works out.. :-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

E-Bike (Chopper)

E-Bike Chopper

So If you don't know yet, I have decided to build an e-bike this year. But not Just  any kind. It will not use any fossil fuel It needs to have a speed of up-to 100km (60mph) and that is all from peddling. 

This Is the Shape I'm going for...

So this is what I aim to achieve:
•Human powered
•No fossil fuels
•Extremely affordable to the masses.
•Customizable to some extent. 

The Shape was inspired by this

Yes this is totally dreamy but I have a theory. So I will try prove this theory to myself first. It is all based on the "gear-work". and I may also need to make a wheel as I kind find the one I need.

The idea is to have a larger sprocket then usual. I will also have to make a larger wheel for it, as the driven wheel size I need dose not exists. A bigger wheel with small sprocket on it = larger distance covered. A large pedal Sprocket pulling a small (front wheel) sprocket = more rotations. This is a theory so far. here are the sketches of the gear box (these were first designed for the car

This is was my first draft for a affordable concept model. I'm not doing this yet as there will be lots of costs in fabricating the shapes from seat to body even the wheel itself.

How this bike works:

1•The Pedals have a 16"inch Sprocket mounted on them. 
2•This pulls the smaller sprocket. See diagram 2.

So why am I doing this?

 Mostly to spark up thought as to why not do this. and I'm sure that some one out there can improve on the gearbox. Most people don't mind cycling but it is it jus far on conventional bikes and it also cost a bit to get a hobby bike. So if someone can spend the money they pay for bus fare a year on their own vehicle, why not?

They will  be able to repair it themselves and not have to worry about patrol rising  and the can pedal at 55-70km at a relaxed pace or just turn on the power and there you go.Here is are more cool ass picks