Sunday, November 25, 2012

Website Down

Website Down

So my website is down and Im not making any money.
This suck @SS cos its the festive season and I would like to make some money.
What should I do. I need a creative outlet

Monday, November 19, 2012

Save the children. Stop the whales

Save the children.

For years people have fought for whales and done well. But what about our children. In this day and age.
This is a famous picture of an event that happened in South Africa. We have pulled through.

let us find a way to help the east pull through the worst hardships.
No parent should bury  their own child. It is suck to loose our young ones.
Dec 16th is coming and South Africans Remember the day this photo was take.

I would like to do something about this. I want to add a T-shirt line dedicated to this cause 'Save the children'. please post any comments on t-shirt ideas. this is my website. all proceeds will be donated to a school or send books or do something and not just watch this happen.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Be Bond, James Bond

Be Bond, James Bond

So dose one need an unlimited amount of government money to live the life?
Or do you just need the bond attitude. 
James Bond gets the cars the girls, the gadgets and best stunts ever.
Lets start with the girls. A host of sexy I think.

Who is you best bond girl, why do you think you can get them in real life?
I think in life any man can and will get any girl they want. Its got nothing to do with your money ore looks or whats in your pants. Yes those things may help a lot. but thats not always why girls go for the guy. I will write more on this later on today. for now here is some history on some for you to vote on.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mercedes brabus

I found this article on Mercedes Brabus

This is the kind of customizing I foresee.
I found this article on Mercedes Brabus.

"If you want unmatched performance, have a very, very deep pocket and you are in love with Merc you will, definetly, want to visit Brabus. Cars that come out of this shop are something else. To compare a car before and after entering this shop would be like comparing rusty van to a Formula One race car.

have a very, very deep pocket

Brabus was founded in 1977 in Bottrop, Germany. It is a tuning company that specializes in tuning high-end Mercedes cars. Getting the most out of any engine is what this guys to best, and they're best in this business. But they do not stop there. If a costumer asks for a complete overhaul that is what costumer will get. This means that the car will be a lot different. You'll probably notice a low profile spoilers, fancy and extreme new alloy wheels etc. And that is just a begining. This company orders AMG motors and redesigns them so they produce more HP and more torque, and AMG is well known for their good work in this field. I do not know if it is a German need for perfection or it is something else, but this company will provide you a perfect vehicle. Whether they take a, relatively small, K4 blocks of SLK Roadster or absulotely huge 730 HP twin turbo blocks of CL-class, this company will achieve their goal in making their customers very fast and very happy.

Brabus also made their share of supercars. Limited edition of their favorites: Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and Smart can be seen on the road and in the garage's of few lucky guys out there.

So, if you someone in your rear-view mirror coming in fast you can be certain that it's not Brabus tuned car. If it was Brabus, it would be already in front of you. I wish you safe journey!"