Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Apple iPad Bag, Hemp

Bag for iPad

Cannabis is this.
Here is something for your new Apple iPad. There is nothing out there like it. So
here we go. Swede, leather, silk and Hemp. It is also Water proofed so your goods
dont get damaged. The best of natures offering put into luxury???


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New York Fashion Week

It was a cool summer night and not a creature was stirring. all was silent in expectation. Everyone waiting to see what was next. Who will be the next big hit. The next big Designer. the one whose name would be sung in the next hip-hop hit???
 Its New York Fashion Week and everyone who is everyone is craving attention.

All the skinny people have stopped eating again. They're now surviving on starch water and vitaminD from sun tanning. Her is winter for you....

I love that jacket. Don't know who its buy, But it would look great on my girl. Mean while in South Africa it is going into summer, ladies in shorts and skirts and men in shorts and shirts, and some old-school street style popping up here and there.


So go to www.iconiclife.co.cc for more. 
The colour that seems to flow again, are the earth colours. 

Have a look at this bag with a mix of rich textures. Also buy iconic life. They will be trending in South Africa Summer

iconic New Shoes

Will be bringing a new line of shoes out. watch this space.
iconic life will bring new shoes out in 2 weeks. www.iconiclife.co.cc

Monday, September 17, 2012


I need to update my site. it looks old. www.iconiclife.co.cc

Also need to add latest products

Friday, September 14, 2012

Nano 2012 (big on features)

Nano 2012 (big on features) 

I must say I like the features on the new Nano are cool.

Its not often you get so much from Apple ipods. I think is the trick is they omit some things from some product, so you can but another. Think about it.

See the nano video

Ipod touch and the new nano could do the same things if they added a camera + wifi on the nano and could it an ipod touch mini? but then people would not buy the Ipod touch. In that respect the only thing separating the ipod touch from the
iphone5 is the sim (cellular) capabilities. So in order to get that you need the phone. So it seems like apple wants its consumers to have at least 2 of their products. Did you know that you can give you phone GSM capabilities just using a cover?

Apple Peel 520

So all in all I think its a smart idea plus their products are of a good Quality.
The best combo I think is. 
A small Macbook Air + Ipod Classic
So you can work and also not run out of space on the classic.
But what about the camera??? well use your phone dam-it.

Buy your apple ipad bags and accessories from www.iconiclife.co.cc

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whats In A Bag?

What is in a bag? well Ill tell you what is in my bags.
All I feel like doing now is design a bag. The feeling of completing an idea.
Its like I have Something i this head if mine and need to get it out. It is frustrating now an then, when I have an idea in my head but don't know if it will work cos...
I'm working on someone else's idea which they asked me to put in my mind. but her is what I've done. Give me your thoughts please

Visit: www.iconiclife.co.cc for more

New iPhone is out

The knew iPhone5 is out!!!!! But first more important is what I had fore breakfast. 
I had 2 slices of butter and marmite, then I had Ribs... yes, my first healthy meal of the day was ribs. Now to least interesting stuff. The Knew iphone five is out today
Yes most have already seen the chines version and leaked pics. I am must say I am disappointed at the lack of enovation since Steve Jobs Died. The earphones look great thpough.

It is said the sound output is of great qaulity and comfort is what 75% of humans want.  I believe Nokia is doing a good job. I see its stock going up again.

The knew windows Rang even have a the best wireless chargeing available today. it is even built in to its casings. Well done for that. While talking about the Nokia rang. I think the knew iPod nano looks like it. Is looks good though, I want one

and there is also the Ipod touch. love it. I will have one. is that a speaker I see.
Yes they have included a built in speaker. ( I see chines exploiting this). turn your ipod into a phone.

I like this item. I'm buying it .