Friday, August 24, 2012

I forgot to mention this strange thing...
They are making us sign disablity forms for being dyslexic.
Fuckkkkk youuuuu!!! I have a problem that helps me sort puzzles in no time.
I'm not fucking disabled! Do I get a goverment grant for this dissablility???
More TAX out of my pocket.

About being called in yesterday. What happened was, I was seated a my desk when I was called in by the bosses PA. My colluege giggled at this, maybe I am in some sort of *ish. He had an ops manager in the office.

I stepped inside, wondering what royal fuckup I had made this time. He smiled and told me to have a look a presentation... He just wanted my input on it. I was surprised but did not show it. So in my most creative proffesional tone, I advised on the direction and changes to me made on the project. I was more suprised when he started typing to the person who had put together the presentaion.

It was not that he was asking my thoughts. It was that he was asking for my thoughts on a project that was not my own.

So the world knows how to keep a hold when it has too.

I'm building a home like this. Im will tell you how. I'm not sure most of it will be on the lawful kind. I'll walk you through the steps as I go along. I will upload an exsiting pic tomorrow.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

So now I have an app... I think that is arrogant of me. Who the hell do I think I am???? Kidding it my store app. ICONIC LIFE. Please check it out on your app store
Let me know What I can do to improve it.

So I got called in buy my manger today... what was that about, sorry gotta go ill fill you in soon.

ohhhh, have a look and go buy this wonderful top.

oh have a look
Gone till November
gone till november...
I cant work a nine to five.

Yes I know the feeling. That is a great reson to chase the fame. Only cos of the work time line.

So what I do is create. I make things. most of you guys have probably seen a lot of my design work. but you will never know it was done buy me... and I promise you its not cos im a humble servent. I would preffer you knew what was made with my mind. Every time you walk into a restrant, when u r at the airport, when u buy a soda. when you are driving and look out the window. when you take your lovers clothes off or Just open a magazine. My come in contact with my design work. I'm dont have the fame, so I chase it and I have landed in some great spots. I have had life altering experiances.

Who the ef said Directing music vids, riding fast cars, flying high or manajes where for a select few. I assure you. I have done all this and more. So l will chase the fame forever?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where do we start?

Lets say I want to be famous, just for a while though. Everyone knows that that is just *ish. cos when people r done basking in my glory, they will turn to laugh at my faluire. but how do they know that was the plan from the start. To get a shit load of cash as quick as possible the retire just the same way.

I'm not an oil prince, i don't have Arab money. I wish i efn did. So how do I live
like one. The thing is, it is possible to have live the life you want, the hotels, the cars and the all women/men you want. but for how long?